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I Don’t Know What To Call This Post

Hey friends or should I call, nobody.

             My name is Jessica, name that I decided to use. I am 16 years old. Childish, selfish, stupid girl. But I don’t know exactly why I started this blog, it could be because I want it to, or something else which I really don’t know. In this blog, I will share things that happens to me on my daily life and other stuff too. Making this blog probably is the stupidest thing I’ve ever made, believe it or not I have tons of homework and the dead line is tomorrow or was yesterday depends on when you read it, or you maybe won’t read it at all. I decided myself to start this blog without realizing itself.

            This is the one and only reason on why I started this blog that I could have thought of. This morning, I went and open the computer downstairs and search my ex- best friend name on Google. I know that sounds weird but its true. I really miss her and I couldn’t imagine why she and I would stop talking to each other. So I found stuff, I found her twitter, and blog. I haven’t went to her twitter but I believe I already knew that she locked it. Why? Because I did the same with locking every single account I have. And then her blog. She has 2 posts. February, 2nd or maybe 4th this year. So i thought, this is great, now I could know how she sees her life and how she sees me. All I found was a fucking fan fiction. Sorry about my language. And about her life. She described her life that it’s really miserable and she wished she could die and that is pathetic and disgusting. I hate her so much, we haven’t talked to each other with no reason. She just blew me off and now she told people that she is alone, no one wants her. That is because she is a no heart bitch, pushes everyone so she could believe she’s alone and thinks someone would have a pity on her. And guess what? I don’t give a fucking shit. I am really sorry for her because she just blew someone that used to care about her. She maybe smart but she is a jerk, a fucking selfish whore!

           I am very relief that I shared this blog

Sincerely me, (: